Rain Fordyce is an inspirational and motivational coach whose ongoing exploration finds that by uncovering and freeing ourselves from our own stressful stories and unexplored core-beliefs, our authentic spirit can shine through!

She continues to practice joy, inspiration, love, beauty, honesty and curiosity as a way of life. She encourages those around her to be creative about their dreams with a Wow factor of 10 and experience unrelenting success as they blaze their own inspired trail!

“(You’ve brought) something to the surface that I had been suppressing… it was more profound than I had assumed it might be. A heartfelt thank you… I feel like I've been given a push that I really needed to start the momentum.” – S.P.

Rain has been successful in creating unique businesses to fit her creative lifestyle at home while she unschools her 2 children, and share an interactive life with her loving husband of over 12 years. She has enjoyed success at 6 different businesses, 3 of which she continues to find passion in today.

Her unstoppable thirst for tools to make life easier to understand, more creative to express, and more joyful to practice, brought her in touch with life coaching 3 years ago. Since then, her life has taken a true spiritual turn. It was through the encouragement of others that she finally decided to create a career focusing on sharing her inspirational and passionate way of life.

Rains' life learning and success includes:
  • UCSC BA in Community Studies
  • Massage and Energetic Healing
  • 3 years study in Healing Herbs
  • 2 years study in Spiritual Life Coaching
  • Continuing Coach Study at the School of Coaching Mastery
  • Creator, Writer and Editor of AuthenticTimes.com
  • Author and Publisher of I Am Learning All The Time
  • Creator of The Peace Treaty Workshop
“Rain has found her passion, her sincerity about her work flows like sunshine from the sky!” –D.W.

Contact information:

If you would like to find out more, please email me at rain@authentictimes.com and I will connect with you soon. I am happy to answer any questions you might have, so feel free to email me today!

Want to see my coaching style? Go to AuthenticTimes.com, (sign up for a free week) and see my column Ask Rain. While you are there, go ahead and ask me your question!

If you would like to interview Rain or are interested in having her speak at your engagement, please contact her at info@authentictimes.com for a press kit.

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