Once you experience EFT, you will wonder how you lived your life without it! 
“I was having pains in my neck and shoulders, but after working with you doing EFT, my pain went from a 7 to a 0 without any medication! I was skeptical and you were very understanding." - C.F.

Here are the ways I support your journey as your EFT Practitioner:

  • The Emotional Freedom Technique is a powerful way to jumpstart your healing. It works with anxiety, pains, stress and even improves your focus!
  • Trained through Founder Gary Craig’s course, the founder of EFT, through Honors.
  • It can be used by itself, or as an addition to our coaching sessions.
  • I will create a safe space for you. You do not need to believe for this to work! A powerful tool for you to Blaze Your Trail EFFORTLESSLY!

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