Writing the Peace Treaty

by Rain Fordyce

"Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them?" - Abraham Lincoln

I was having a beautiful peaceful day. There was sunshine and I was happy. Then it happened, while in the middle of my spiritual practice, I uncovered a battle going on behind the scenes and beneath my very nose.

We all have inner turmoil which is why “You are your own worst enemy” is such a famous quote. Negative self-talk is a battle. You might recognize this battle. It’s when we complain about the way we look, eat, clean, exercise, speak, and how we see ourselves. However it’s the battle going on behind the negative talk that surprised me. It’s the voice of our negative self talk.

These are our core-belief battles and they are stopping you from moving forward, toward your dreams. There is an adult on one side of the battle line, and a small innocent child on the other. You better sit down, because I need to tell you something you may not be aware of. The child is winning.

You can’t tell the child to go away and if you try to fight her she will continue to win simply because she doesn’t play fair. There is only one way to stop the battle and as Abraham Lincoln said in the quote above, we had to become friends.

It was while I was trying to create more abundance and wealth in my life, when I came face to face with the child that created the life I had been living. The core-belief I discovered was being spoken in a five year old child’s voice and she was telling me that money ruined good people and that money would ruin me, my marriage and family if I had too much of it. And for the first time this child, as I listened to her intently, gave me her proof. Through her eyes I saw and heard my parents fighting terribly about money. I felt her fear and confusion. Since she did not understand the complexities of the world, marriage and having adult responsibilities, she made a childish judgment that had been running my life ever sense. "Money is bad. Money makes people who love each other, angry and fight. Money makes you hate people you love."

You might be saying to yourself that this sounds rather childish, and you would be right. Since most core-beliefs are created by 2-10 year old children, they tend to sound rather immature, ridiculous and completely illogical. A core-belief is born from an innocent mind, and then becomes reinforced into truth by as little as one or two repetitions of a similar incident. Later, as you grow up and understand the world more clearly, your inner child will seek out and find events and situations to validate the original core-belief. She does this to protect you because she never wants you to feel as scared and hurt, as she did, ever again.

This particular belief about money is one of the easiest to validate as it is so widespread. Does the quote “Money is the root of all evil,” sound familiar to you? These thoughts, which became core-beliefs, did a wonderful job of serving us when we were little, by making simple sense of a complex world, protecting us from suffering and even bringing us more joy. Now the same core-beliefs are creating the exact life that our inner child believes to be protecting us from. Breaking down these beliefs are a powerful way to continue to grow up and empower our inner adult.

Fully attentive to my child’s voice, as though for the first time I felt such love for this small, sweet and innocent child and yet as an adult I felt ready to allow abundance into my life. I wanted to feel the joy of accepting money for the work I do, while acknowledging the value of having money to support my community, and most importantly support my family. I needed to connect the child and the adult in a way where both could be valued and acknowledged. I needed a win-win situation. Immediately, the quote from Abraham Lincoln popped into my head, which came to me in a newsletter just days before. It was though the universe was trying to tell me something. I was inspired to write down a way to create peace.

In that moment the peace treaty was born.

So I took a piece of paper and at the top of the page I wrote:

"A Peace Treaty with my Money-Hating Self." I drew a line down the middle of the page and titled one side Why I Love Her and the other side Why I Don't Need Her In Charge Anymore.

I began listing what I loved about this sweet five year old child who had protected me from the evils of money. I also listed what I had learned about never having a lot of money in my life. For we never hold onto what we believe to be negative behaviors if there is no benefit. For each item I had listed on the left, I wrote why I was okay without her in charge, why she could trust me, and why she could let go, on the right.

What became evident right away was a feeling of gratitude that filled my heart. I was so glad I walked the journey I did, and that I was growing into someone new with the knowledge I had gained. I realized how many times this small child had tried to stop me from living the life I wanted, so sure she was right in protecting me from getting hurt, as only a child in survival-mode knows how.

It was a beautiful experience to write the peace treaty with this sweet and innocent, strong-willed child. My heart opened and I felt free. I then wrote an affirmation in my adult voice to let this child know she was safe and she no longer had to protect me for I was ready to be the adult in charge.

After sharing my experience with others, I soon realized this was a powerful tool for everyone to use. I felt compelled to use the peace treaty for my other old beliefs I had lying around. I realized there were many children in my past who were stopping me from moving forward in other areas of my life.

It’s time to stop the inner-battle we have going on inside. It’s time we created peace inside ourselves and create our own peace treaty. We all deserve peace. For it is through peace that we will find the freedom we have been searching for.

Copyright 2008 by Rain Fordyce


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