Individual Coaching:

“Your encouragement and positive thinking gave me lots to think about and I have looked into hot air ballooning and living in a foreign land. My son and I are going ballooning in September. Thank you!!!”

“I really enjoyed the energetic exchange the most! You are truly intuitive and it was so easy to open up and let things happen.”

“It was not what I expected. I thought that it was going to be more like an organizational, matter of fact approach. I was so happy when we started out the first appointment with breathing exercises! That’s when I knew this was going to be something really special.”

“I think one of the most important things I’ve learned is Allowing… Not to be my own critic and to move on instead of beating myself up.”

“I’ve learned that it’s ok to say No! I’ve learned that I should always be clear about what I want, and that I deserve what I want.”

“A great lesson I’ve learned and use a lot is that when I’m feeling frustrated or unhappy about a current situation, such as a job, to think about and write down 5 things that are great about it. This has been such a great help to me!” 

“I feel great and light and inspired! I want to keep feeling this and expanding it with you.”

“I appreciate your time and expertise and valuable coaching. I love the connection we’ve made and I am in the best time of my life! Thank you!”

“I believe that I now feel empowered to envision what I want, to experience what it would feel like when I get it, and to ask for it with all the details I wish.”

“In just one meeting I felt like a veil that I had been living behind was being revealed and removed. Your insight, your ability to cut to the heart of the matter, and your genuine compassion and desire to help are incredible and tangible.”

Couples Coaching:

"I enjoyed how you were able to keep us on topic or redirect us back to the point when we went off on a tangent. I also really enjoyed your non-judgmental approach to our responses. You were positive throughout our meeting and you were really able to pinpoint what the issues were even when we weren’t able to clearly describe them ourselves."

"I thought we would list what wasn’t working in our lives and then you would suggest better ways of conducting day to day activities. But when you were able to identify our differences and similarities so clearly when we couldn’t see them ourselves, it helped us see each other from a new perspective. This gave us a new understanding about how the other sees and reacts to the world. Thank you!"

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